3 Post Panda Tips

The image of the panda might look cute, but unfortunately Google’s recent panda update isn’t as cute. Thanks to panda, a lot of people are seeing their income from internet marketing drop significantly, but what should you do to try stay away from getting hit by future updates such as panda? I’m going to go through some things that you should do if you want to start ranking again if you’ve been slapped by this angry panda!

Quality Content

I know you’ve probably heard about quality content being really important a million times before, but let this be the 1,000,001st time that you’ve heard it! These days you can’t get away with just have unique content (especially if you’re spinning it with some type of software!), you need your content to give the user of your site what they need. More and more emphasis is being put on things like bounce rates (the amount of people who hit the back button rather than view other pages on your site) and so on, so you need to have quality content so that your visitors will stay on your site for longer, view more pages, have a lower bounce rate etc.

Social Media

More importance has been placed on social media too after all of the latest panda updates. Think about it, if you run a website that you really care about, you really should have at least a Facebook and a Twitter page for it to get some more traffic to your site. Before panda, people used social media to try to gain additional traffic, but now social media might play a role in how well a site ranks too. As hard as it sounds, try not to rely on search engines to get traffic, although it’s easier said than done!


If you know that you’ve used some spammy methods to gain backlinks, try to remove them ASAP. If you can’t remove them, make sure that you won’t try to get any spammy backlinks ever again! Getting a few quality links is much better than getting hundreds of spammy ones. It might seem as if it’s easier to get hundreds of low quality backlinks rather than one quality backlink, but spend all of your time trying to get a good backlink instead of trying to work out how to use the new software that you’ve just bought and you never know what might happen!