5 Simple Link Building Best Practices

Let’s face it, very few people enjoy building links, whether you’re being paid by someone else to do it or you’re doing it for one of your own websites. It’s something that is quite hard to get right and to be honest nobody really knows everything about link building so don’t be put off if you feel as if you don’t know enough to link build. Anyway, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re link building:

Anchor Text

Anchor text is really important when it comes to SEO. Think about it, a site with a natural backlink profile will have all sorts of anchor text. If you’re targeting a few main keywords it’s not really a good idea to just use those and nothing else, since a site with a natural backlink profile will have plenty of other anchor texts, such as “click here”, a naked URL and even some misspellings!

Do Follow / No Follow

When most people are trying to get links to a site they’ll assume that you should aim to get as many do follow backlinks as possible, but is this actually a good idea? I don’t think it is, since search engines obviously know that most sites will have a lot of no follow links as well as do follow ones. If you’re not sure what a no follow link is, it’s basically a way that a site owner can link to a site while telling search engines not to pass on any link juice. Just because you won’t get any link juice from a no follow link doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worthless though!

Take Your Time

If you’ve got a brand new site ready to be launched don’t started building loads of links straight away. When it comes to link building you need to think about it as a marathon rather than a race. While getting a huge amount of links at the start might help you rank well for a week or two, it’ll more than likely have a negative effect in the long term which isn’t what you want, especially if you want your site to be a long term investment rather than a short term investment. Try to get a regular amount of backlinks each day/week etc. instead of getting 100’s one month and then basically none the following month.


If you’ve got a site that’s about gaming, then it’s much better if you get a backlink from a gaming related blog instead of a blog that has nothing got to do with gaming (such as cooking!). Even if the cooking blog is PR5 and the gaming blog is only PR1, I’d still rather get the PR1 link since it’s from the same niche. By the way, I know that PR doesn’t mean everything, but it gives you some sort of an idea. I’d recommend checking the sites backlinks first as well if you want to be sure that the site itself has some decent backlinks.

Don’t Forget About Social Media

Social media is getting increasingly popular when it comes to link building. Although these links aren’t really the most important compared to other types of backlinks, they still help out a lot. As well as this, it’s a good way to get the word around about your site. For example: You could share a good article on your websites Twitter page and within a few minutes it could get loads of retweets if other people found it useful. Not only does this mean you’ll get some links pointing to your site, but you should also get some traffic from it too.