Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing is a popular way of making money online, but nowadays it’s getting more difficult to make money from it since search engines are getting quite unpredictable. If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing you need to know that there is no “get rich scheme” like you might read about on some sites, you need to put in a lot of work to make any decent money from affiliate marketing – just like anything else really! Some of these tips are more geared towards beginners, but it’s never a bad idea to read over them so you don’t forget anything!

Niche / Topic

The first thing that you’ll probably be thinking to yourself is “what site should I start out with?” or in other words “what’s the easiest way of making some money?”. I’d recommend that you start out with something that you know about, rather than something that you’ll have to look up online every time you want to add some fresh content to your site. Believe it or not, most people that go to your site will be able to tell the difference between someone that actually knows what they’re talking about and someone who is just writing something for the sake of adding more content to their site. Not only this, but if you’re interested in the niche or topic you should find it easier to keep the site up to date etc.


When you’re writing content yourself for one of your sites (or getting someone else to write it for you) try to make sure that the content is “timeless”. What I’m trying to say here is try not to add in anything that would give away when the content was written unless you really need to do it. For example, don’t say anything like: “Yesterday, the Playstation 2 got released”. If someone on your site read that when there was already a PS3 out they’d automatically think that the entire site is out of date even if you update it on a daily basis.


As I said at the beginning of this, there is no get rich quick scheme when it comes to affiliate marketing. Even if you have a brilliant website that’s better than any of your competitors you’re not going to start making money within days or maybe even weeks. It can (and often does!) take time before you see any money rolling in, whether you’re using an affiliate network, Adsense or whatever other ways there are to monetise your site. Think of affiliate marketing as a passive income and nothing else, so it’ll take time to build a steady passive income.

Banners / Ads

One of the mistakes that a lot of new affiliate marketers make is that they think “the more banners/ads the more likely I am to make money”. This simply isn’t true. If someone goes onto your site and all they see is banners they’ll assume that the site isn’t what they were looking for and click the back button as quickly as they can. Think about some sites that make a lot of money from posting content and so on, do they have banners or ads all over their site? I doubt it!


There is no such thing as the best affiliate network. You’ll have to spend some time researching what network will be the best for your own site since each site is different. It’s probably a good idea to join a good few affiliate networks so you can take a look at all the merchants that are on the network and then you can decide for yourself about which merchants you want to promote.