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Just thought I’d do a quick post about this. A few days ago I noticed that was dropping. Spent a few hours last night trying to make sure that I was emailing the right people about buying it, and eventually was pretty sure that I found him.

This morning, I got a reply saying that he already had an offer on the table for it and needed to know what my offer was today. A few minutes later, I gave him a text with my offer and then got a call saying that he’d be happy to accept it. I was in college at the time, but luckily had no class when he called!

For the rest of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about it, since I’ve never got my hands on such a great domain like this. I got the earliest bus home from college (and missed a class, oops!) and literally ran to the bank to get the money out (bus usually arrives at 4pm and that’s when the bank closes). 30 minutes later I met with a friend of the owner’s domain and sorted everything out within 10 minutes.

That wasn’t all though, had a few issues with 123-Reg (after being on the phone to the previous owner telling him how great they have been for me) so I decided to renew with Nominet themselves.

Could’ve made this post much more detailed, but I’m really tired at the moment, probably from all the running!

Note: I didn’t drop catch this as some people think.

Might develop this, but if you’re interested contact using the form below.

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