August PR Update

I know that there are some people that don’t see PR as that important (and that you can’t judge a site by it’s PR just like Yoda is saying in the picture!), but personally I like to check every now and again just to see whether my sites PR is improving or not. Just thought I’d let people know that there was a PR update today (August 2nd 2012).

For me, most of my sites remained the same. One went from PR3 down to PR2 but then one of my other sites jumped from PR0 to PR2 which is only a month or two old. I was expecting that PR0 site to jump up a bit though since I’ve been putting a bit of work into it by writing guest posts and using My Blog Guest. It just goes to show that if you put some time and effort into building links you can easily increase your sites PR, especially if it’s currently PR0 or PR1.

Overall, I don’t think this PR update has changed as much as previous updates, but maybe that’s just because I’ve been lazy when it comes to link building lately? Who knows?

Let us know in the comments box how this PR update was to you.

By the way, I use to check sites PR, it’s much better than other sites that make you enter a captcha for every site that you enter.