Does Google Love or Hate Affiliates?

Recently came across an infographic which I think other affiliate markets will find interesting. It goes through how Google originally loved affiliate marketers and then kind of turned their backs on them. We all know that Google are trying to get rid of affiliate marketers lately, but will that ever happen completely? Probably not.

Google Hates Affiliates.

Internet Marketing Infographics by SEO Book

One quote that’s in the infographic from Google’s Frederick Valleys might annoy some affiliate marketers, here it is:

Affiliates are largely “just an unnecessary step in the sales funnel”.

I don’t think many affiliate marketers (especially those who spend hours and hours writing useful content) would agree with what Frederick on that one! I know that he’s probably talking about those sites that just scrape content from other sites or whatever, but it’s not really fair to tar everyone with the same brush, is it?

At the moment I wouldn’t say that Google hates affiliates, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they like them either! What do you think? Leave a comment in the comments section below.