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Domain Selling Tips

Selling domains is a tough business, but if you spend some time researching how to do it right you shouldn’t have any problems making money from selling some of your domains. I’m going to go through some do’s and don’ts when it comes to selling a domain to help you out.

Don’t try to sell the domain to the potential buyer if they contacted you first. If someone contacts you it’s obvious that they want your domain, otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered emailing you or whatever. If someone emails you about one of your domains there’s absolutely no need to reply and then give them some of the reasons why it’s a great domain!

Do contact end users that might be interested in your domain. For example: If you have a domain that would be perfect for a web designer, it’s a good idea to contact some web designers that you think might be interested in your domain. End users are usually willing to pay a good price for your domain if they like it, but it does take time to find the right end user. Don’t be put off if the first 5 or 10 people don’t respond to your emails or just reply with a simple “no”!

Don’t get frustrated with someone if they take a while to reply to your emails. Even if you do feel a little bit angry, it’s not very professional to tell them that you’re annoyed about them taking days or even weeks to get back to you. A lot of people that are in the domain business are buying and selling domains on a daily basis, so you’re not the only person they have to deal with.

Do set a realistic price for your domain. There’s no point putting a huge price tag on your domain because if you do you’ll more than likely never sell it, unless you get extremely lucky. It’s fine to expect a certain amount for a domain – as long as it’s realistic.

Don’t contact the person if they haven’t replied to you. For example: If you get an email about one of your domains and you reply to it on the same day but you don’t hear anything back a week later, don’t email them again because you’ll come across as desperate to sell it. You never want to be seen as desperate to sell a domain because if you do you’ll get offered very little.

Do share your reasons why you think your domain is great and better than other alternatives if you’re contacting others about your domain. All it takes is a paragraph or two about why you think your domain could be turned into a very profitable website, and this could potentially change someone’s mind about buying the domain from you. As well as this, you could show them past sales of similar domains (if you’re happy to accept a similar or lower amount of money for yours!).

Don’t tell them how much you’re looking for your domain straight away unless they ask. If you’re emailing them, wait until you’ve received a few emails from them so that you can get some sort of an idea about how much they want the domain. If you’ve got a feeling that they really want the domain, then you know that you’ll be able to sell your domain for a good price!