Getting Accepted To The eBay Partner Network

If you’ve ever applied to get accepted with the ePN (eBay Partner Network) then you more than likely know how picky they can be when it comes to what sites they’ll accept. Over the past couple of months I’ve heard of loads of people that have what I’d consider a high quality website but they still can’t seem to get accepted to become and affiliate with eBay.

If a site that you own got denied even though that you think that it’s worthy to be approved, it can be easy to just forget about using eBay to monetise your site and use something else. However, if you really want to place eBay ads on your site and get some commission if your visitors buy anything from eBay, then I’ve a really easy way to get accepted within a day or so.

Firstly, you need to join SkimLinks. You’ve more than likely heard of SkimLinks in the past, but if you’re still not sure what it is, it’s basically a way that you can be an affiliate with literally thousands of sites (17,468 at the time of writing this) by just joining one site. Rather than you needing to sign up to loads of different affiliate networks, all you need to do is join SkimLinks and that’s it, because they are already joined up to 37 affiliate networks that are based all around the world, although most are from the UK and the US.

After you’ve joined, SkimLinks will take a look at your site to see whether it’s good enough to be approved, and they are nowhere near as fussy as eBay are so don’t worry about being rejected. I haven’t heard of anyone being rejected on SkimLinks yet actually. You’ll more than likely get accepted within 24-48 hours so you don’t have to wait too long.

Once you’ve been approved, all you need to do is to add SkimLinks on your site. You can do this by adding a tiny piece of code before the closing body tag on your site, or if your site uses something like WordPress you can just install a plugin to do that for you.

That’s it! Now you are an eBay affiliate, it’s that simple! Let’s say you link to the link will still look exactly the same as it should but the code that you’ve added to your site will turn it in to an affiliate link and if the person purchases anything you’ll see some commission in your SkimLinks account. Obviously you don’t have to use just eBay though; there are also loads of other sites such as Asos, Amazon, iTunes and much more.

However, SkimLinks do take a percentage of what you make which is currently set at 25%. This might seem like a lot, but since SkimLinks have so many members the commission that you’ll receive is usually much more than what you’d normally get if you were to use an affiliate network by yourself, so it’s not really 25% if you think about it!

So, joining the eBay Partner Network isn’t actually as hard as most people actually believe, is it? You can join SkimLinks here: