Good Article Directories

When you’re link building you shouldn’t forget about using article directories. Even though they mightn’t be as important as they were years ago, they still are worth spending your time on them. The first thing that you need to do is start writing articles so that you can submit content to them (or use my content writing site which is 123 Content ;) ) and then decide which directories you’ll submit them to. If you have no idea where to start submitting to, here are some article directories that I find good:

If you’ve done no link building at all from article directories, this is where I’d recommend you start out. EzineArticles is easily the best site when it comes to getting a nice backlink and it has been ever since it started in the late 1990’s. Not only will you get a nice backlink, but you should also see some traffic coming to your site from EzineArticles which you won’t get with a lot of other article directories. At the time of writing this EzineArticles has PR6 which is not to be sniffed at. Just like most article directories, they accept articles on all kinds of niches but it’s important to remember that they are quite strict when it comes to accepting articles. The main downside about EzineArticles in my opinion is that it can take a week or so before your article gets approved (without paying for membership).

ArticlesBase is a relatively new article directory (started in 2005) but it’s still a great directory to submit your articles to. The site also has PR6 just like EzineArticles.

GoArticles is another article directory (PR5) that’s worth joining. It’s easy to join and the best thing that I’ve noticed about the articles that I’ve submitted to it is that they get automatically approved. Some people might think that’s a bad sign since the site will get flooded in spam, but somehow they’ve found a way to keep on top of spammy articles!

When I first visited this site I nearly hit the back button since it doesn’t really look the best, in my opinion anyway. However, it actually is a good article directory. From my experience with it articles usually get approved after only a couple of hours which is brilliant if you want to start link building as quickly as possible. It is PR4 too which is good!

I think HubPages is up there with the best like EzineArticles. I’ve posted a couple of articles (or hubs as they’d like to call it) and I’ve got a good bit of traffic from them. The site has PR6 but you mightn’t get a do follow link from it. All the links in a hub will be no follow unless you get a score of 40 or more for your hub as well as 75 or more on your profile. It’s not easy to get this but it’s definitely possible if you put a bit of work into your hubs. On one of my sites I’ve been getting regular traffic from a hub that I posted over a year ago, so it’s worth the effort.