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How I Check Backlinks

Nearly everybody has their own way of checking backlinks that a website has. Checking a sites backlinks can help you in a few ways such as seeing how many / the quality of backlinks you have on your own website or even to see how many backlinks your competitors have. Before I mention some handy sites that you can use to check your backlinks, here are some terms that you might come across while checking backlinks that you might not be familiar with:

  • Referring Domains
  • This is the number of different sites that are linking to your website (to any of the pages on your website).

  • Page .edu or .gov backlinks
  • As you can probably guess, this is the number of backlinks that a site has from either .edu or .gov websites. Most sites wouldn’t really have these kind of backlinks so don’t get worried if you’ve got none!

  • Referring IP Addresses
  • By looking at referring IP addresses, you can see how many different IP addresses (or sites that are hosted on different servers) point towards a website. The more referring IP addresses the better (if you’re checking your own sites backlinks!).

  • Top Level Domain
  • These are domains such as .com/.net/.org domains. This will give you some sort of an idea about how many backlinks you have from these top level domains (TLDs) rather than other domain extensions that aren’t regarded as “good” extensions.

    Anyway, let’s get back to the sites that I think you’d find useful if you want to look up the backlinks of a particular site:

    Majestic SEO

    Majestic SEO is one of the best backlink checking tools there is at the moment. All you’ve got to do is type in the domain of a site on the hompage and hit the orange button that’s on the right hand side. Without being a member you’ll get some basic information on the backlinks of the site such as referring domains, external backlinks, educational backlinks, citation flow, trust flow and even a small chart that’ll show you the amount of backlinks that the site has got over the last few months. However, if you register to the site you can get even more information like the top backlinks that a site has (which is really good if you want to see how tough it’ll be to rank above a competitors website), top referring domains (in order of Alexa rank) and more. It’s free to join to get these benefits but you can upgrade your account (which will cost you) if you think you’ll need it.


    Ahrefs is another site that’s similar to Majestic SEO but in my opinion it’s even better since you can check SERPs (search engine results page) too. After you’ve typed in the domain you can click on site explorer to check out the sites backlinks (with charts of the percentage of no follow / do follow backlinks, number of backlinks, lost backlinks etc.), click on SERPs Analysis to see what keywords the site is ranking for as well as the past rankings and current rankings, or click on reports to get a free report of a websites backlinks and so on. You can do 5 different searches each day without joining, join to get extra searches or pay to get even more from Ahrefs.

    Personally, I think both of these sites are more than enough to check backlinks amongst other things, especially if you decide to subscribe to them. If you have any other recommendations feel free to leave a comment below.