My Blog Guest Review

My Blog Guest is a forum that’s great for people who want some “free” content as well as people who need some backlinks to one of their own sites. Let’s take a look at My Blog Guest from both sides, as a blog owner that wants some content and a blog owner that wants some backlinks (I’ve used it for both):

My Blog Guest to get Content

I’ve used MBG for a couple of my sites to get some content. Most people probably think that you’d use this if you were too lazy to write the content yourself, but I honestly thought that I wrote just about everything that I could write about on the topic that my site is about. I didn’t want to start publishing articles that were similar to the ones that I wrote in the past, so I decided to give MBG a chance, and I’m happy that I did.

After around a week, I received around 10 articles that were all great for my site. Obviously I came across a few people that sent me some articles that were quite poor (which I told them that I simply couldn’t post them) but overall I got some quality articles. A few months later, I get sent a few articles a week which isn’t bad considering the site is only PR1 (don’t believe the people who tell you that nobody will guest post on your site unless it has PR3 or above!). However, the PR1 site that I used on MBG is quite a good site, so maybe that’s why people are willing to hand over content to get a link from it.


Free content
Get other peoples perspective on a topic
Easy to say no to someone if the content isn’t good


A few articles that I got sent weren’t unique enough which wasted some of my time – always check CopyScape!

My Blog Guest to get Backlinks

My Blog Guest also gives you the opportunity to get in contact with other blog owners so that you can guest post for them and throw in a link or two to your own sites. All you’ve got to do to find blog owners that are looking for content is to look in the “Looking for guest author” section on the forum, and in here you can click on certain niches such as Technology if you want to get some backlinks to your tech site.

I found MBG really easy to use to get some nice backlinks, most blog owners will get your content published on their site within a day or so too, so if you want to get some backlinks quickly this isn’t a bad option to have. Before you send a user content, I always check to see when their last login was (to make sure they still use MBG) and their user rating to see what other people have said about the user, this will give you a good idea whether you should bother getting in contact with them or not.


Get quality backlinks in return for very little work
All sorts of niches are on MBG
Majority of people on MBG will post your content quickly



In summary, My Blog Guest is definitely one site that you should bookmark if own any websites!