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My First eBook

No matter what you think of digital books, it’s obvious that printed books are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Back in August 2012 the Guardian wrote about how kindle eBook sales have overtaken the sales of hardback and paperback books combined. According to them, for every 100 hardback and paperback sales there are on Amazon UK, there are 114 eBooks downloaded.

Statistics like that are quite impressive considering that the Kindle was only out for 2 years at that stage. Imagine what eBook sales will be like in a few years time? It’s bound to get even better, especially since you can pick up a Kindle for around £100. It’s also important to remember that eBooks that are on Amazon can be read from other devices such as an iPad, a computer etc.

So, in January I decided to try something new by writing an eBook. After a bit of thinking I decided to write about how anyone can become an online content writer, since I have a good bit of experience when it comes to writing content. If you’re thinking about writing an eBook I’d highly recommend this post from Copyblogger. It explains pretty much everything that you need to know!

I have to admit, I did spend a bit too much time worrying about how I’d deal with formatting the eBook and so on since I heard a lot of horror stories about how difficult it can be to make it look nice on all the devices that Amazon support. However, one day I just opened up Microsoft Word and started typing away – 2 days later my eBook was ready.

The cover of any eBook is really important and since I’m not the best at making nice images (especially eBook covers!) I had a look on Fiverr to see what was on offer. I ended up using this gig and was more than happy with the results. You can see the cover that they made on Amazon since I chose to use it.

When I uploaded my finished eBook it only took Amazon a few hours to accept it which was quite good. I started out offering it at $0.99 and got a few sales. There are a few bad things about selling it this cheap though. Firstly, you only earn a royalty of 35% if you price it at $0.99 and secondly some people assume that it mustn’t be good if it’s so cheap.

Because of this I upped the price to $2.99 and after doing this I actually began to get more sales (and a larger royalty of 70%) so it was well worth it.

If you enrol to Amazon KDP select Amazon allows you to give your eBook away for free 5 days every 90 days. When my book was first accepted I gave this a go to see how many downloads I’d get. I didn’t advertise the fact that my eBook was available for free anywhere (apart from a few people on Twitter) and it still got around 400 downloads within a day.

This helped out a lot since it lead to getting a few reviews (2 reviews on and 1 review on – all good reviews too!). As well as this helping me get some reviews, it also meant that some people began linking to my eBook from their sites which I was surprised about.

At the moment I’m only getting around a sale every day or two, which mightn’t sound like a lot at first but considering that I only spent 2 days writing it that’s not too bat at all, especially since I spent no time advertising it at all.

That’s what makes selling eBooks on Amazon so attractive to so many people – since so many people use Amazon you’re bound to get some sales every now and again.