Silly Mistake or Clever Link Bait Idea?

If you own a website (which you more than likely do if you’re reading this!) probably spent a good amount of time trying to think of a way that you can link bait in order to get a nice range of quality links within a short period of time. I know I have any way, and I’m hoping that one day I’ll think of something as good as Sam Applegate’s idea which worked out really well for him, with Matt Cutt’s even replying to him about it on Twitter.

I’ve just come across something which I still can’t decide whether it’s a clever link bait idea or it’s just a really, really stupid mistake. Basically, the Co-Operative (which has over 6 million members and over 120,000 employees in the UK) launched a new site on the domain Can you see where this is going? Why on earth would such a large organization buy a domain which is so difficult to remember? Another thing is that it’s not as if the .coop TLD is so popular that you can’t find a half decent domain that’s available to buy. Many of you that are reading this have probably never even heard of the .coop TLD! If the people behind this whole idea had any brains whatsoever surely they would’ve contact whoever owns and tried to buy it from them? At the end of the day, the Co-Operative Group Ltd. had £11.9 billion worth of revenue and over £180 million in 2010, so I’m sure that they could’ve afforded to fork out a bit of money for a proper domain.

So, that has got to make you think whether they made a massive mistake by building a site on such a terrible domain, or are they being a bit smart by trying to link bait (yes, I’m aware that I just gave them 2 do-follow links by the way!). Unfortunately for them, I think they just made a massive mistake since if you take a look at their backlinks you can see that nearly all of their anchor text is the exact same, but then again they’ve only got 40 or so referring domains at the moment – which will probably shoot up soon, we’ll see soon!

Feel free to post your opinions on this below.

Update : Apparently, some people are saying that the Co-Operative bought the TLD .coop. From what I’ve read online, this costs $185,000 originally to set up, and then $25,000 per year after that. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” comes to mind.