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.uk Domain Checker Tool

Less than a month ago, Nominet announced that under their current proposal, the oldest domain will get the “right of first refusal” to the .uk extension. For example, if the .co.uk is registered in 2002 and the .org.uk extension is registered in 2004 then that means that the owner of the .co.uk will be able to secure the .uk.

Although I don’t particularly agree that there is a need for .uk, I decided to work on a little tool over the weekend (while it was 28 degrees by the way!) that should help a lot of UK domainers. It’s worth mentioning that this proposal may never go ahead, but there’s a decent chance that it will. Rather than searching the WHOIS data for each extension to see who will be the lucky person to own the .uk, with this tool all you need to do is type in the word and it’ll display all the dates that you need. My little tool will help you check which domains that you own will get the .uk or even to see whether it’s worth contacting someone about buying their .co.uk for example (probably not a good idea to buy a .co.uk at the moment if the .org.uk is older).

At the moment it includes .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, ltd.uk and .plc.uk extensions. Personally I think having the top three extensions is enough, but on rare occasions the .ltd.uk may win for example so I decided to add the extra extensions so you can be 100% sure which domain is the oldest

Here’s a screenshot of my .uk Domain Checker tool in action using one of my domains – which I luckily have the oldest domain:

As you can see, it’s fairly basic looking but it does the job. I know that it’ll definitely save me lots of time and I hope that by releasing it out to everyone for free that it’ll save others time too. However, there is an option to donate £1 or even £5 if you think that it’s worth it. Feel free to contact me if you want any other features added. I had fun making it anyway, it’s nice to code something that people will get use out of rather than just coding for projects in college!

Update:Some people have been having issues opening .jar files on their computer. To fix this simply download this program and then my tool will work perfectly.

Download .uk Domain Checker

I’d really appreciate if you could share this with other UK domainers that might be interested on it by using Twitter, forums etc.

Edit – I may work on a bulk checker in the near future, as I know lots of people want something like that.