Using the Google Keyword Tool

Even though the Google Adwords Keyword Tool was set up for people who use PPC, it’s a great tool to use if you’re wondering whether you should purchase a domain to sell on or even develop yourself. Google’s keyword tool is nowhere near as scary as it sounds; it’s very easy to use. Here’s a picture which should make things easier for you:

Google's Keyword Tool

We’ll start off with what I’ve circled in red. This is the area where you type in the word or phrase that you’re interested in. For example: Buy mobile phones. That’s all you need to do and then you’ll get results from this term as well as some suggestions that are related like “used mobiles”.

Now I’ll go on to what’s circled in blue and this is something that causes people a lot of confusion. In the “match types” box you’ll have three options which are broad, exact and phrase. Broad is basically whatever you typed in the red circled area plus other words. Let’s stick with “buy mobile phones”, if you tick broad it’ll include searches for things like “where to buy mobile phones” and even “buy cool mobile phones”. The next option is exact, which is what most people are interested in since this only counts searches for what you typed in and nothing else (just “buy mobile phones”). This gives you a much better idea of how many people are actually searching for the term that you’re thinking about using in a domain or whatever. Lastly, there’s phrase, this is similar to broad but this time something like “buy cool mobile phones” wouldn’t count since the phrase is split up by the word cool.

Lastly, there’s the black circled area. The Google Keyword Tool gives you the option to see how many searches and how much each click is averaging out at in specific countries. If you were thinking about buying a domain then you’d obviously want to set the United Kingdom as the location since you’ll have a hard time getting traffic from elsewhere with a domain.

That’s all you need to know about the Google Keyword Tool, but just keep in mind that the figures aren’t always accurate but it’s the best that’s out there! No tool will give you an answer whether a domain is worth buying or not, but the Keyword Tool gives you a chance to try figure it out for yourself.

Ps. Don’t forget that the competition bar that’s shown beside your keyword when you search doesn’t give you any indication on how hard it is to rank for that keyword, it’s about the advertisers competition for that keyword and nothing else. To find out whether you can rank for a certain keyword you’ll need to use other tools.