Why I Like Amazon Associates

At the minute, I use Amazon Associates on a few of my sites and I’m starting to think about developing a lot more sites around Amazon products. A lot of affiliate marketers don’t really like Amazon Associates for whatever reason, but I wouldn’t let that put you off if you’re unsure whether you should give it a shot. I’m going to go through some of the reasons why I like being an Amazon affiliate below:


When people shop online they’re usually very careful about what sites they hand over their details to, especially when you’re talking about credit card information and so on. Nearly everyone has heard about Amazon and trusts the brand that they’ve built on it which means that they are much more likely to spend money if they end up on Amazon rather than some site that they’ve never heard of before.

Extra Sales

Amazon is great at upselling, they are always trying to persuade the customer into buying other products by giving discounts if you buy something else etc. As well as this, Amazon has a wide range of different products so there’s always the chance of the customer buying a few different things while they are on the site. Although Amazon gets a lot of stick from affiliate marketers since they only have 24 hour cookies, but the majority of people buy from Amazon within this time anyway. Personally, on one of my websites that is about mobile phones someone bought a $2,500 treadmill from it which was a nice surprise (and I got more than the normal 4% commission on it which was even better!). I can’t imagine this happening on any other affiliate program to be honest.


When it’s coming up to the end of the year it’s a great time to start promoting some Amazon products. Even if you don’t usually use Amazon Associates to monetise your site it might be a smart move to change over to Amazon just for October through to the end of December. It doesn’t even matter if there are no specific products that you can promote on your website, since once people see an Amazon banner they’ll probably click it to search for something that they are thinking about purchasing!


It’s not fun to go searching through affiliate network sites to try to find a site that you can promote well, and that’s where Amazon comes in. Amazon has just about every product that you can think of, whether you run a mobile phone site, a furniture site, a football site etc. It’s easy to make Amazon only display certain products on the banners that you put up on your website too; all you’ve got to do is enter a keyword or select a certain category from Amazon.