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Hey! I'm a software developer from Dublin. I've always had an interest in technology which is why after finishing up in school I went straight to college to study computing (specialising in software development). After finishing my degree I got a job as a software developer in the Fintech space, working for a challenger bank called Fire, 5 years later I then moved on to work for ICE, who owns the New York Stock Exchange. Last but not least, I'm now working for Mastercard. Interested in all things tech, fintech and cryptocurrency

Feel free to get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page. In the footer there's also links to my Twitter, LinkedIn, Github and Medium account if you prefer any of those!



Lead Software Developer

Currently working for Mastercard, developing a reverse proxy service which handles authentication and authorisation across the entire company, for both internal and external websites.

  • After a year working with Mastercard, I got promoted within the same team.
  • Actively involved in designing detailed design documents, architecting scalable and efficient system designs, leading and mentoring the rest of the team and ensuring that all parts of the SDLC are followed from start to finish.
  • Chosen to be part of a small group within Mastercard called "Bar Raisers" to ensure that we're hiring top quality talent by conducting interviews across the company.
  • Due to the nature of the product (a shared service used by hundreds, if not thousands of applications within Mastercard to handle their authentication and authorisation), security is top priority. This has always been the case in my career due to my previous roles being at a challenger bank and the New York Stock Exchange.


Senior Software Development Engineer

ICE Data Services

Senior Software Developer

Worked for Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) who own multiple exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

  • The job included a strong focus on monitoring time critical production systems while driving projects forward.
  • Within 6 months of joining the company, I was a key person involved in improving the SDLC to include code reviews across the organisation.
  • As part of the Regulatory team, I led a project to store all EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) files from the SEC in a database so that it could easily be queried within the company.
  • Later on, I moved to the Pricing Systems team. Here, I worked on migrating a huge amount of unstructured market data which was all stored in-memory within a custom built in-house storage solution to a new Oracle database.

Fire Financial Services -

Software Developer changes the way personal and business customers can open accounts (which comes with a MasterCard debit card), get access to payment services and create integrated solutions.

  • Implementation of new features to multiple RESTFul APIs (developed using Java) which are consumed by Fire's mobile apps, Fire's websites as well as customers that integrate using our public API.
  • Developing front end applications including internal websites to manage customers etc. as well as external websites to allow customers to manage their money. Mix of tech from JSPs to Angular JS.
  • Implementation of features from start to finish from providing estimates for user stories, reviewing test cases, developing and writing automation tests around the new functionalities.
  • Part of an agile team that highly values tests: unit tests at each layer of the application, integration tests along with web browser automation using Selenium.


Dundalk Institute of Technology

2011 – 2014

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computing in Software Development degree from DkIT (Achieved a 1:1 with a GPA of 77.8%). Out of 120 students in first year in my course my grades were in the top 5%.


I've worked on lots of side projects in the past, almost too many to mention! From messing about with basic HTML sites and WordPress sites when I was a teenager to some more advanced projects like what's below. Below you'll see 1 project from a range of types of software I've dealt with including: cryptocurrency, an android app, an Amazon Alexa skill, a website with a backend built in Java and using SQL and finally; a Chrome extension.

The vast majority of things that I've worked on lately are also Open Source on Github so feel free to take a look!

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FOMO Coin (Cryptocurrency)

FOMO coin is a joke cryptocurrency that I created based on the Ethereum network. Media attention included: Bloomberg and QZ.

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Pokegone (Chrome Extension)

PokeGone - Gotta block 'em all! A Chrome extension that removes Pokemon from the internet. It got a crazy amount of media attention such as being on TV on ABC News as well as getting a mention on The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Independent and CNET.

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View More Projects Skill (Alexa Skill)

An Alexa skill that allows you to ask the likes of "Alexa, ask Pay with Fire to check my balance" and then Alexa will tell you how much money you have in each of your accounts.

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Fractionn (Website)

Fractionn is a site that I worked on for a college project which allows users to set target prices for products from hundreds of retailers such as Amazon and get notified if the product ever reaches the price. This is a project which I created for my 3rd year project in college (since have taken it down, but it's on

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Irish Transport Strikes (Android App)

Android app to help people figure out when the Luas or bus drivers are on strike in Dublin. Media attention included:, The Irish Sun and Newstalk.

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